Virtual - Tri-Maine

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event takes place anywhere you can accomplish the components. We keep a list of registered participants and results, just like a real event, and while we don’t meet at a specific time and a specific place, you still need to put in the time to DO THE WORK and get the RESULTS for yourself.  We may not be there cheering you on in person, but we’re there in spirit cheering you on and pushing you along.  We have guidelines for differnet events and disciplines on how to report your results, but it is up to each participant to honestly report completion times or miles covered. We will share with participants how to share there results and where to compare your results with others.

At the completion of the event, we’ll send you cool SWAG including a t-shirt, medal and other goodies.  We’ll also offer special deals to virtual event participants. The best part about a virtual event is that you can cover the distances anywhere and anytime you want. Swimming can be done in a pool, a lake or in the ocean. Your favorite course can be used. Like flat, go flat.  You like hills, go climb! People can cheer you on. You can use your phone or other GPS-based app to capture and submit the data to us!

We will always offer this as an option, in this “new normal” where physical distancing is crucial. Think of it though, you can participate when you have time, in your own space, and still be part of the event (and of course get cool swag). This type of event allows us to move forward using today’s technology and tools as well as add a division where people can’t make the event or don’t feel safe joining us in person can participate. Virtual events will not take over in-person events, but it is a new and exciting addition to our ability to reach more people and give everyone the opportunity to take part in events this year.

To register for each virtual event, go to each event registration link in the menu and look for the virtual option.

Check out these awesome pre-virtual event briefings and finish line videos!