Refund Policies - Tri-Maine

Refund Policies

There are always questions related to entry fees and refund policies. Our goal is to make as clear as possible what our policies are and why. As always, if you have questions, please contact us by e-mail ([email protected]) so we can forward it to the appropriate person.

We now offer a standard entry and the option for a fully refundable entry. The standard entry is the base amount that is required to register for the race. The refundable option has an additional charge that provides the opportunity for a full refund at any time, up to three days before the race (see details below). Once a standard entry is purchased, it cannot be upgraded to refundable at a later date.

Please note that USA Triathlon collects the $15 one-day memberships directly. If you would like this amount refunded, you will need to contact USAT with your request.

Standard Entry Policy

There are no refunds given for standard entries under any circumstances.

Deferrals are not offered but may be granted under certain exceptional circumstances (e.g. pregnancy, military duty) at the discretion of Event Management. Deferral requests must be submitted in writing to [email protected] no less than 30 days in advance of an event. Any deferral granted may require the athlete to pay an administrative fees when they apply the deferred entry the following year.

Why do we have this policy? As event organizers, we have to take on substantial financial risk each year by paying large deposits on venues, police, t-shirts, vendors, and paying our staff to plan for the events among other expenses. We forecast up to eight months in advance and take on expenses based on our projected numbers. Offering refunds on the base entry fee puts the entire event at risk, since we have no way of truly knowing how many people may drop out, after we have committed to large costs. It also creates substantial administrative work at times when we are focused on race prep. We are participants ourselves, so we understand the frustration around losing an entry fee if plans change. However, we would not be able to put on a high quality race if we had the uncertainty of refunds affecting our decision-making.

That being said, we also recognize the value of peace-of-mind that comes with a refundable entry. Therefore, we have created an option for athletes that want to lock in a bib number, but also want flexibility if they can’t race. Basically, by paying an additional fee, you are sharing the risk with us. Obviously, this is not something that everyone wants or needs, but we are offering the option to those who see flexibility as a priority.

The vast majority of endurance events do not offer any refunds at all, under any circumstances (especially the ones with high entry fees). We think it makes more sense to give you the option to decide what you want.

Refundable Entry Policy

By purchasing the refundable entry, you are entitled to 100% of your base entry fee up to three days prior to the event. For example, if you purchase an individual refundable entry to the Sebago Lake Triathlon as a non-USAT member, your cost is base fee + $15 USAT one-day license + $25 refundable fee + TriSignUp online processing fee. If you request a refund, you will receive the base fee back. To receive your USAT one-day license you will need to contact USAT directly. The refundable fee and the online processing fee are not included. Requests must be made by e-mail and will be administered through our online registration provider. Relay refunds will include the base fee, but any one-day USAT licenses purchased must be handled by USAT directly. To view USA Triathlon policies please visit their FAQ page here.

If you purchase a Refundable Entry and would like to request a refund, you can e-mail [email protected] directly. We will process the request and you will receive a refund from RunSignUp/TrsignUp. Processing may take two weeks.

If we cancel the event you will be refunded the amount you paid for your entry AND the refundable entry fee.

If you would like to defer your entry to another race or next year, we will credit the full amount of your entry and refund fee forward, and your registration will retain its “refundable” status.

Other Policies

There are no transfers permitted with any entry. This is for liability reasons and is strictly prohibited. If you have a special situation that you would like us to consider, please e-mail [email protected].

There is NO rain date, We Go Rain or Shine. In the case of foul weather or inclement conditions, Acts of God, or other reasons the race cannot be executed as planned, management reserves the right to cancel, postpone, reschedule, switch to virtual for all participants, alter, modify the race / course, remove one or more of the legs (swim, bike, or run), or cancel the race altogether. We do everything in our power to prevent changes to the published race course and schedule; however, there are many factors and stakeholders involved. In the case of a change or cancellation due to factors beyond our control, we are unable to offer any refunds for any entry, regardless of what type it is.