About - Tri-Maine

Established in March, 2006, Tri-Maine was the venture of Will Thomas, an experienced triathlete and race director, with years working to promote endurance athletics in Northern New England.

Tri-Maine is an experientially-based, entreprenuerial company. It was formed in response to the growing demand for high-quality multisport events in Maine and beyond. Tri-Maine owns and/or manages a number of race properties, ranging in scope from local road races to highly complex triathlons with hundreds of competitors. Annually, Tri-Maine events attract over 10,000 athletes, 500 volunteers, and thousands of spectators.

Tri-Maine is also contracted to support and develop races for other organizations. During the course of the year, Tri-Maine staff will be involved in over many events throughout the US.

Tri-Maine maintains a strong commitment to three core principles: Community, Sustainability, and Quality. These principles are reflected in every Tri-Maine event, as well as in the caliber of the staff. Tri-Maine is highly selective in terms of the properties it maintains, and the projects it undertakes. If you have an idea or would like to submit an event concept, please contact us. We are happy to discuss new opportunities.

All Sports events acquired Tri-Maine in 2014 after working closely with Will Thomas for more than a decade.

As the premiere timing company in New England, All Sports Events has a long history of bringing the most advanced technology to event operations, management, and sports timing; as well as pioneering participant-focused services such as live searchable results on the internet, live results at the finish line, text messaging, live social media updates and mobile applications. All Sports Events will continue to develop cutting edge services to its clients and athletes, and these services will be on full display at the Polar Bear and Pirate Tri.

About All Sports Events

For almost 20 years, All Sports Events has provided cutting edge event management, operation and technology services to its clients and partners including a diverse list of races across more than 20 states including the some of the largest triathlons in New England, running races, golf events, horse shows, mountain biking, alpine and freestyle skiing, snowboarding, and many others.

Case Studies

The Lobsterman Triathlon – In 2005, the Lobsterman Triathlon was dead, after the founder decided not to continue producing it. Seizing the opportunity, Tri-Maine re-banded and re-launched the race in less than a year. In 2006, it attracted 400 competitiors. In 2009, the Lobsterman will be nationally recognized as a premier destination race, filling to capacity with 800+ competitors. It brings economic stimulation to the Town of Freeport at a slow time of the year and is a truly community-oriented race. Tri-Maine owns the Lobsterman Triathlon.

Tri For A Cure – In 2007, Tri-Maine was approached by the Maine Cancer Foundation with the concept of an all-women’s triathlon. Working together, they launched Tri For A Cure in August 2008. Although it was a highly complex event in a densely-populated area, it attracted over 400 participants and become one of the most successful fundraisers in Maine Cancer Foundation’s history, generating over $250,000 in proceeds. In 2011, The race sold out in 30 minutes with 1,100 participants and raised over $1.1 Million. Approximately 5,000 spectators attended the event, creating unique logistical and safety challenges. Working with multiple municipalities, the host venue, and the Maine Cancer Foundation, Tri-Maine developed and executed a crowd-control program that maximized spectator viewing options, and minimized potential problems.

Tri-Maine conttinues to manage the logistics and operations for the event, which continues to be at the forefront of fundraising and all-women’s races. www.mainetriforacure.org

Revolution3 Triathlon – In early 2011, Tri-Maine was contacted by Revoluton3, a national, top-tier triathlon series, looking for a new venue in the Northeast. Specifically, they need a location that offered world-class half-iron distance swimming, cycling, and running routes; accommodations and dining options for 1,200+ athletes; and a fun, family-friendly atmosphere – all within two hours of a major metropolitan center. After a month of scouting, we recommended Old Orchard Beach, ME as the best option. Within two months, we had secured the necessary permits, developed the routes, and opened registration. Tri-Maine was the Local Event Management team and oversaw the logistics/operations for the inaugural Rev3 Maine at Old Orchard Beach, which was successfully held in August 2012. www.rev3tri.com